Welcome To Pakistan - The Land of Adventure and Nature

The Land of Adventure and Character

From your mighty stretches in the Karakorams while in the North on the huge alluvial delta of the Indus River during the South, Pakistan remains a land of significant experience and nature. Trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, wild boar hunting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, camel and yak safaris, trout fishing and hen observing, certainly are a few activities, which entice The journey and character fans to Pakistan.

Pakistan is endowed using a wealthy and diversified flora and fauna. Superior Himalayas, Karakoram as well as Hindukush ranges with their alpine meadows and lasting snow line, coniferous forests down the sub-mountain scrub, the broad Indus simple merging into The good desert, the Coastline line and wetlands, all give a remarkably abundant assortment of vegetation and related wildlife together with avifauna, each endemic and migratory. Ten of eighteen mammalian orders are represented in Pakistan with species ranging from the world's smallest surviving mammals, the Mediterranean Pigmy Shrew, to the biggest mammal ever regarded; the blue whale.



Special Mountains, Valleys and Glaciers

Northern areas of Pakistan, spread around 72,496 sq.Km. are as interesting as its southern location. Amidst towering snow-clad peaks with heights various from one thousand m to around 8000 meter, the valleys of Gilgit, Hunza and Skardu remember Shangri-La. The cultural designs On this area are as attention-grabbing as its topography.

The individuals with standard costumes, folks dances, new music and sporting activities like polo and buzkashi provide the traveler an unforgettable experience. Nowhere in the world There may be these types of a terrific concentration of superior mountains, peaks, glaciers and passes other than Pakistan. From the fourteen above 8000 peaks on earth, four occupy an amphitheater at the head of Baltoro glacier from the Karakoram assortment. They are: K-two (8611 m, globe next greatest), Wide Peak (8047m), Gasherbrum I (8068m) and Gasherbrum II (8035m). There's Yet one more which can be Similarly fantastic, that may be, Nanga Parbat (8126m) on the western most close on the Himalayas.

In addition to that, you can find sixty eight peaks above 7000 m and hundreds which happen to be more than 6000 m. The Northern Pakistan has many of the longest glaciers outside Polar area; Siachen (seventy two km), Hispar (sixty one km.), Biafo (60 km.), Baltoro (60 km.), Batura (64 km.), Yenguta (35 km.), Chiantar (34 km.), Trich (29 km.) and Atrak (28 km.). The decreased Himalayan valleys of Swat, Kaghan and Chitral inside the Hindukush array Similarly share the elegance and varied society of the Northern Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

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